2-way coaxial passive high professional ceiling speaker

CS-8 pro

Deckenlautsprecher CS-8pro           Deckenlautsprecher CS-8pro
CS-8pro general description

The best choice for excellent ceiling sound! The CS-8pro is of course for background music applications suitable and the high power handling capacity and the high max. sound pressure makes it also suitable for main broadcast sound system especially in combination with a subwoofer the CS-8pro can match the sound performance of traditional cabinets.

A sound system design solution with CS-8pro instead of traditional speaker cabinets can make the sound performance more equal in the venue. The CS-8pro is equipped with an 8” woofer and 1.35” high frequency compression driver.

The HF-driver is facing via a radial horn for constant directivity. The woofer and HF-driver is in coaxial design and become a point source. The CS-8pro is available in single packing. Optional there are 100V line transformer available.

Typical usage of CS-8pro is for Bars, Pups, Clubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Conference rooms, Shopping malls, Retailer shops, and so on.


Deckenlautsprecher CS-8pro
CS-8pro specification
rated impedance (optional) 8Ω (16Ω)
100V transformer optional
operation mode passive
power handling capacity passive AES/peak* 150W* / 400W*
available frequency response** 58Hz-20kHz**
max. sound pressure level*** 123dB
directivity (-10dB) 120° conical
LF-transducer rated size 8"
LF-transducer voice coil diameter 1.35" (35mm)
HF-compression driver rated size (VC) 1" (25mm)
HF-compression throat diameter 0.75"
horn material for HF-compression driver aluminium
overall dimension wØ/d 271mm/130mm
cutout diameter in mm 240mm
grill diameter 230mm
depth (behind grill) 122mm
design integrated mounting clamps 4 pcs.
weight 2kg
* peak 10ms, *with TD-8000 amplifier and CS-8pro max controller setup
** -10dB with CS-8pro FR controller setup
***1m free field, pink noise, crest factor 10dB, with TD-8000 and CS-8pro SPL controller setup


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